Having a Static Webpage Is Like Presenting Only 7% of What You Are

On a networking event you see a meeting planner. You approach him/her and say, “I’m a great Speaker.” That’s Direct Marketing.

You’re at a party with a bunch of friends and see a meeting planner. You have one of your friends’ approach him/her, point at you and say, “She’s/He’s great speaker.” That’s Advertising.

You see meeting planner at a party. You approach him/her to get their telephone number. The next day you call and say, “Hi, I’m a great speaker.” That’s Telemarketing.

You’re at a party and see a meeting planner. You get up, straighten your clothes, walk up and pour them a drink. You open the door, pick up their bag after it drops, offer them a ride, and then say, “By the way, I’m a great speaker.” That’s Public Relations.

You’re at a party and see a meeting planner. They walk up to you and say, “I hear you’re a great speaker.” That’s Brand Recognition.

OK, just a little fun, but seriously if you are a communicator you do understand that communications can be broken down into 3 elements:

• Message: 7%

• Tone of Voice: 38%

• Body Language: 55%

And you also know that a communicator makes a living speaking, i.e. showing up for live presentations. Consequently 93% (38%+55%) of you message depends on how you present yourself.

How then do you expect meeting planners to hire you by reading a web-page?

How do you expect coaching clients to do the same or to get your message across to prospect buyers when you are holding back 93% of your message?

Having a static web-page is like presenting only 7% of what you are. You MUST have several videos to showcase your talent, ideas, and products to get 100% of your message across.

Would you hire or buy from anyone that only shows you 7% of what they are capable of?

Videos are a crucial marketing package item for speakers, coaches, ministers or anyone that speaks to market their business.

Videos also help consumer make educated decisions. When Zappos (the online shoe store) introduced videos not only did purchases increase by 10% when a product included a video description, but returns for the product also decreased due to a more educated consumer.

An you as a communicator would benefit from this education too. Having educated consumers about you and your products will increase your sales convection. More educated consumer means less time on calls / explanations and more inclined to hire your services or attend your seminars and ministries.

Get your well produced videos as soon as possible and see the impact they can have on your business. Don’t be behind on this next wave. You KNOW whoever launches last rarely gets in the front of the pack.

What To Expect When You’re Presenting: A Beginner’s Guide To A Great Speech

Giving your first major presentation is always going to be a bit nerve wracking. It’s something to get used to, whether it’s a presentation in front of your direct superior, in front of the board, or in front of a whole room full of people. Anyone you ask will tell you to practice and prepare; few can give you advice based on experience that will help you give your talk with confidence and poise.

Preparation And Research Is Everything

There is only one way you can really prepare for a talk, and it’s not simply by practicing. You do need to practice, but that doesn’t mean simply reciting your prepared speech to get it memorized. Real practice means anticipating questions, accounting for possible errors, and speaking to a group. Recruit your friends to help you with the practice phase. They should act as your listeners, engaged and interested in your topic. They should be ready to ask questions and, if appropriate, challenge your conclusions. They should ideally have about the same level of previous knowledge about your topic that your final audience will possess.

In addition to speaking in front of people, you need to make sure that your facts are in order. Whether you’re talking about last year’s budget figures or a recent discovery, there is nothing more embarrassing than an improperly cited fact. You should double check everything that you plan to reference in your talk beforehand, and check again a week prior to the event. Using bad information is the fastest way to make yourself appear unreliable and cast a shadow of doubt over everything you say.

Visual Aids Help Your Audience Engage

If you are giving a long talk, you have to expect that people will have some trouble concentrating during at least a part of it. When people are asked to sit and listen, they have difficulty focusing because they are asked to engage with their ears only. The best way to prevent this problem is by adding a visual element of some kind. One of the most popular ways to do this is with portable trade show displays. A table top display or other small portable displays provide a lot of information in a small space. Plus, portable units tend to be inexpensive, making them available to academics on a tight budget.

A well-designed table top display will be able to communicate the main points of your discussion without being so revealing that it practically makes your talk unnecessary. Portable trade show displays are also useful for showing any kind of graph or other visual aid that is referenced during your presentation. If a table top display or other portable displays aren’t in your budget, then you’ll want to make use of printed flyers for anything that your audience will need to see. Portable trade show displays are better because they don’t distract from you on the stage, but printed flyers can be an acceptable substitute.

Don’t Stress Yourself

Once you’ve got everything set, the most important thing to do is not be stressed. Even if your job performance is being reviewed or you’re giving a talk to your profession’s most illustrious governing body, you need to be relaxed. It will help you remember what you want to say, and it will make the entire experience much more pleasant.

Fruit Is a Great Gift Especially When Presented As a Bouquet or Table Decoration

Flowers have been one of Earth’s many wonderful creations. Naturally beautiful and colourful, flowers have made great gifts since civilisation began. Often presented as bouquets their look and smell brighten up any location they are displayed.

Fruit is also one of Earth’s other wonderful creations that not only come in all the colours imaginable but is sweet delicious food we can eat in its natural form. Fruit has frequently appeared in paintings and graphics through the centuries of civilisation. But unlike other foods fruit is normally displayed in its natural, picked from the tree or bush, form.

Fruit trees appear naturally all around the world and climate and soil conditions denote the type of fruit trees that grow in different parts of the world. Now in our modern societies and worldwide transportation systems we can experience the taste of fresh fruits from all corners of the world.

Most major stores now stock every fruit imaginable from every fruit producing country and not just when it is in season but throughout the year. Fruit and vegetables are natures natural foods. Vegetables often look more appetising when cooked but fruit looks best in its natural fresh state.

Fruit given as a gift is normally presented as a bunch of grapes, bag of apples, oranges, etc, or as a basket of fruit. Fresh fruit arrangements as edible bouquets are now appearing as an alternative gift to a basket of fruit or flower bouquets.

Edible bouquets are fresh fruit cut into various shapes and arranged like a bouquet of flowers with some of the fruits covered in white, milk or dark Belgium chocolate. There are as many colours in fruit as there are in flowers and cut fresh fruit gives off an amazing aroma.

Edible fresh fruit bouquets are appealing to adults and children alike. Also an edible bouquet is an ideal gift for both men and women. When an edible bouquet is delivered it has the wow factor as a bouquet of flowers but also has a second wow factor when eaten as part of a celebration or just consumed over a number of days.

Flowers and fruit have a long tradition as gifts. Flowers are always on display at Wedding, but rarely fruit. That was until now as edible bouquets are now appearing as wedding table decorations. Again fruit bouquets as a table decoration give a wow factor and can be eaten during the wedding celebrations or as part of the desert.

Edible fruit arrangements can be presented at Wedding as bouquets, platters, favours, etc. Strawberries are always regarded as a special fruit and now a tower of strawberries covered in chocolate and even decorated as bride and groom can be a centrepiece at a Wedding.

Network Marketing Tips and Strategies – Four Proven Tips to Make A Better Presentation

One of the most important network marketing tips and strategies to master as a distributor with a network marketing company is how to do an effective presentation about our MLM’s products, services, and/or business opportunity. As Tom, Big Al, Schreiter says, without skills all reps are dead in the water. Without skills, everybody knows its easy to end up fire-hosing our MLM prospects and setting up their salesman alarms to go beeping like crazy.

So, here are four proven tips all leaders need to learn and apply in order to present their MLM product, service, and work from home opportunity with the power it deserves. When you nail these skills, you will become much more effective and successful at recruiting/sponsoring business opportunity seekers as well as building up a nice customer base.

Tip #1: Avoid making price an issue. Many studies show that the salesperson is more concerned with price than prospects and customers. Amateurs love to talk about price. Unfortunately, all this does is remind the MLM prospect of how much it is to join the work from home opportunity or the cost of the product. Successful reps handle the process as if they were minor considerations. If a potential client does make it an issue, they deal with it effectively.

Tip #2: Focus on benefits and not features or price. A feature is an attribute of a product or service; some quality that makes it attractive. Benefits are different because they are an advantage that an opportunity or product provides. When your MLM leads ask questions, the best approach is to always focus on the benefits the person will gain.

Tip #3: Be valued focus and work to deliver it. Showing your prospect the benefits of being a home-based business owner or the benefits your company’s products or services provides is the only way to create value. The more value you as a leader can deliver, the more desirable the product, service, or opportunity will be to others. Plus, with this approach, the less important price becomes.

Tip #4: Relate benefits to every value. Your goal is to attach every benefit of every feature to a tangible value; something your MLM business lead desires. If you create enough desirability, you will create customers and sponsor new people into your downline each month.

Growing a highly successful MLM business with lots of volume and sponsoring quality people does take persistence, a burning desire, and skills. When you learn the skill of how to make effective business presentations, your home-based business will grow.